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Expanding Privacy

Right to privacy is a human right!

"Remember Me" is a nature of an individual to lessen their work. Did you ever considered that you are being shared with others around the globe? Is there any privacy of your data in cyberspace? A big "NO" to this. Your indolent habit is directly pushing you to the non-isolated environment. So, Privacy should be a mission to taken seriously and work for.

Recently, everybody's Facebook account was filled with freebasics notifications on the top and they just followed that unknowingly. This was the smart move by Facebook changing the defination of "Net Neutrality". More than a million misleaded people in India unknowingly wrote to TRAI opposing Net-Neutrality. For this mislead, Mozilla took step providing Privacy Month as an act. And this is our duty to take this to the world and save our Internet Privacy.

We, WoMoz took an initiative and headed a session in our Hostel with some newbees. I started with introducing Open Source, Mozilla Community and privacy issues with support of Vidhi Mittal.

Then, I threw light on "Data Privacy", "how our data is being traced" and "why should we emphasize to stop leaking our data". Then a Question arouse from the attendies , " How can we know who is tracking us?" I told them to "Use LIGHTBEAM". and described them that how it shows us that which third party is tracking us. Next, they asked "What are the ways we can isolate us from the web?" I explained to use DuckDuckGo, private windows (incognito mode) and some addons which are specially made to make our data safe.

Rakhi Sharma told us about "How to contribute in Mozilla!" and explained "What can I do for Mozilla". Then she told us about "Bugs" and how to solve them for that She talked about some steps to contribute:

  • Make an account on bugzilla.
  • Find Good First Bugs.
  • Asking the respective mentors to assign that bug for them.
  • Happy Coding!

Everybody at there enjoyed and inspired a lot with a hope of upcoming WoMoz.

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