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[PyCon = Python + Conference]

PyCon India, the premier conference in India on using and developing the Python programming language is conducted annually by the Python developer community. It attracts the best Python programmers from across the country and abroad. And, here is the second conference which I attended [24th and 25th September, 2016].

Day 1
I reached the venue [Convention Center,Jawaharlal Nehru University,Delhi] on time [8:15AM]. And stepped in and picked up my credentials. I was prepared to dissolve with the fellow Pythonistas and to brainstorm on the artefacts. Then, the numerous engrossing talks started like "Continuous Integration for Data Scientists", "Deploy Python Applications Anywhere", "Big Data Analysis using PySpark", "Helix and Salt". Then, we had handfull of discussions over lunch where everybody was eating and talking to some random people. There were groups of head which were sharing their past accomplishments and some were guiding their subordinates. Returing to the Auditorium, there were 'Lightning Talks'. Amid of these talks, we were stalking the sponsored booths "Red Hat", "Digital Ocean", "Jet Brains". Discussing prospects to these geek heads, were the most astonishing hours.

Day 2
This was the most remarkable "Sunday". We checked in to the Convention Center, and had mouth watering breakfast. Then, we took our seats and the session started. We gave ear to the Keynote, and talks "Algorithmic Music Generation", "Don't write tests, generate them!", "Python in the Red Hat Family". Now the most happening moment arrived "Introduction to PyLadies", which made me infatuated to work with the team. Then, I intented the representatives to work with them and was up to the minute of their activities and challenges. Aftermost, we had a lighting talk of "Outreachy - A program for women" where I was the active participant and enjoyed a lot with the speakers. At last but not the least, we all new friends said our goodbyes and set off.