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This app is a documentary app which reveals you about The Stephen Hawking , the man with the silver thoughts.Ever wondered about one of the greatest scientist who is on the frontier of the expenditure that we started long ago in our human history 'to achive knowledge', Man behind the book named 'The brief History of Time'. The one guy who broadened the imagination of millions of the people on the face of the earth.
This Application has two versions -V1.0 and -V2.0.


This was my first application named 'Stephen Hawking' and has submitted to Mozilla Marketplace. This has two versions -V1.0 and -V2.0. The first version was made in January, 2015 on the event of Mozilla Community Rajasthan. As it was my first attempt, I was unaware of web technologies but with help of my mentors, I initiated and completed it . And The most motivating part was that I stood first for that 'One Day App Development'. Then I deployed it to the marketplace.
Second version was made in August, 2015. It contains more functionality, more data with some eyecapturing UI.


HTML     |    CSS    |    JavaScript    |    Bootstrap(framework)


Github: Stephen Hawking